With over 20 years experience working with many of the top brands and corporations in the nation, Glenn's success at growing business is proven. He's helped NASA, AARP, the USO, Thales Group, iDirect, QuadraMed, and The Tiny Jewel Box achieve their goals. His advertising and design have helped brands grow nationally and worldwide, and have helped corporations become market leaders in the United States.


McDonalds Kraft Heinz

Product launch in-store display to be used in Publix supermarkets.

McCormick Spices

Brand recipe ad, appearing in Farm Fresh Supermarkets publications

Direct response postcard part of an integrated campaign. Tiny Jewel Box is one of the top 5 jewelry stores in America

Tiny Jewel Box

St. Charles Community

One of a series of outdoor boards on Rt. 301 marketing St. Charles Maryland amenities


Art Director, Writer,  Glenn Gemmell




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