When the Lord Jesus called me He said “Do communications for me whenever asked. Thousands will come to faith through your work.” That day, I was born again, my life changed significantly, and communicating the Gospel became my mission.

Gary Saved — A brother in Christ

For years we prayed for Gary. One day I gave him my Pastor Lon Solomon's CD testimony, plus Christianity 101 and 201 CD's from McLean Bible Church.


A couple of years ago, the Lord called Gary. This Christmas we briefly got together and he told me of his conversion experience.


While he was driving in the country thinking of his brother Jay (who is with the Lord), Jay’s favorite song suddenly  came on the radio. Gary was flooded with a sense of intense love, full of compassion, warmth, light, and of being accepted, completely and unconditionally. Gary said he didn’t want that experience to end.


At that moment Gary was called, and he accepted Christ into his life. After he told me this, I had him look up toward the sky.


I saw his crucifix, barbed wire embroidery that also looked like a Christian fish. I saw determination in his eyes, fixed on the Lord, and a smile that seemed to be a prelude to laughter. I thought of the crown of thorns on our Lords head, the barbed wire on Gary’s. The pain they both suffered, their rebirth. I knew that I had my portrait and my prayers answered. Gary was saved!


I printed the image soft, with kindness, love, and compassion, just as God sees him. It’s probably the best portrait I’ve ever done because it was made by Christ.


Share the Gospel—change a life.


Ministry Brochure
D.  James Kennedy

The Center for Christian Statesmanship ministers to staff members and interns working on Capital Hill. In Washington it can be easy for people to be swayed by power, people, politics, and money.


CFCS leads people to Christ and keeps them anchored in His word.

Ministry Brochure
D. James Kennedy

These pieces are part of an educational ministry program designed for Evangelism Explosion. Deaf EE helps churches create ministry programs to serve their deaf communities.

Evangelism Explosion

ev2  Evangelism Explosion

A brochure designed to reach churches seeking to find a way to evangelize younger people outside their church, by empowering the youth within their church family to evangelize.





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